Increasing the Value Of Your Property Through landscape management services

Greenscapes boasts more than four decades of landscape management in Southwest Florida. This means you can hardly drive down a street in Collier and Lee counties without passing landscaping that was either installed or maintained by Greenscapes. Today we serve all of Southwest Florida. We are staffed with highly-trained professionals that include:

  • State Certified Landscape Contractors
  • State Certified Horticulturist
  • Consultant ISACertified Arborist
  • State Certified Pest Control Specialists
  • State Certified Irrigation Contractor

1. LANDSCAPING Greenscapes is certified as a Landscape Contractor Company. We specialize in landscape management services that enhance the beauty and value of our clients’ property. We also renovate existing installations. Our landscape services include specialized procedures such as soil and water analysis ... slow release fertilizers ... customized fertilizer blends ... selective pruning ... lawn installations and state-of-the-art mowing techniques ... arbor services ... and more.

2. IRRIGATION Our expert irrigation technicians maintain irrigation and sprinkler systems to ensure your property receives sufficient moisture to keep plants and turf green and healthy. This conservation-minded team regularly inspects the system to make sure it is performing optimally. Greenscapes also maintains a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week Irrigation Hotline to service our customers whenever the need arises.

3. PEST CONTROL Greenscapes uses an integrated pest management process. This environmentally sensitive process treats only the areas required to control weeds, insects, and fungi. Whenever possible, we use methods other than chemicals to control disease and weeds. Although these less toxic procedures may require more frequent treatment and greater expense, Greenscapes’ dedication to protecting our environment makes such efforts necessary.

Licensed in Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties.
Fully insured with workers compensation and liability.